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Company Profile


LANCom Computers have extensive experience and knowledge of completing every stage of projects of any size and complexity, from design, project management, supplying of hardware, operating system and application software, installation, implementation, system integration, technical support and maintenance of the equipment.

In cooperation with local and international partners and consultants, LANCom Computers offers turnkey solutions to its customers from different profiles throughout whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia. With its high educated and good trained staff , LANCom Computers has conquered the Macedonian market and established itself as the market leader due to an honest, professional and flexible approach to solving any customer's problems, needs or requirements.


LANCom Computers d.o.o Skopje is a company in private ownership.
Founded in 1991 as one of the first private IT companies in Republic of Macedonia.
The founders of LANCom Computers, also the management team of the company, are professionals with more than 25 years practical experience in all segments of information technology.


LANCom Computers have 16 employees and in terms of their responsibilities they are divided into:

  • Sales Department
  • Professional Services and Technical Support
  • Service Center
  • Common Services

Long-term experience of the management team, with professionalism, ambition and willingness of our engineers always to upgrade their knowledge with the newest world achievements in information technology, makes us professional team with high performance.

Educational structure of our employees is: one employee with Master Degree of Information Sciences, eleven engineers with bachelor degree and four employees with secondary education.

Knowledge, expertise and professionalism of our employees have always been a driving force of our company.

All members of the expert team, in accordance with high standards and requirements of equipment manufacturers, have internationally recognized certificates and they are specialized for the tasks that they perform. For some specializations, the certification process is done in the training centers of the manufacturers of the equipment under the same conditions and criteria as for their employees.